Saturday, December 5, 2009

Retirement Planning Strategies

Posted By: Pete Hill

Retirement savings is a main priority for many people once they graduate from college. However, many people do not know how to appropriately take risks and when to play it safe throughout their lives. In these articles, they describe the best times to take on risk, and the best time to be safe.

Retirement planning for people in their twenties is classified as “starting out strong”. The first investment goal is to build up the emergency fund. In addition, using bonuses achieved through work, and left over profits each month, after paying the bills, will give young people a strong foundation.

Once you reach your mid-career point, it is time to reduce retirement plan risk. With college and retirement worries forming, it is important to take less risk with the retirement portfolio.

Once you have retired it is important to remember to not invest like you are thirty years old, and create a safety net under you. A safe way to reduce risk and create a safety net is by raising their bond and cash allocation to 30 percent while reducing exposure to small-cap stocks and foreign funds.


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