Friday, December 11, 2009

Divorce = Retirement?

By Jameel Murray

Has Shaquille O’neal’s recent divorce situation forced him to retire early? Shaquille O’neal has stated that he would retire after this 2009-2010-basketball season. Although we do not expect him to pull off the Brett Favre approach, rumors are swirling that Shaq is deciding to announce his retirement from the game of basketball before the end of this season. Shaq has been a dominant player in the NBA for 17 seasons and is considerably now facing the effects of the wear and tear of the league. Although the NBA can take a toll on players, players of Shaq’s caliber have endured the game for a longer period. Is it possible that Shaq is retiring due to his recent divorce process? Shaq’s wife, Shaunie O’neal has recently filed for divorce from the Cleveland Cavaliers center. Since the announcement of the divorce, Shaq’s stats have considerable decreased. Shaq is averaging a career low 10.9 points per game and has missed a couple of games due to injury. If O’Neal does decide to retire, he would be considered one of the greatest big men to ever play the game of basketball.

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