Friday, December 11, 2009

Life after the game

by Jameel Murray

When an athlete finally dips into the tricky life of fame and stardom, they never seem to understand that all great things must come to an end. There would come a point in time where what once was great would be outdated someday. All athletes must retire at a point in time due to the weariness and instability of their bodies that eventually relegates them to live a normal life after retirement. Some professional athletes are prepared for life after retirement, using their athletic careers, as a tool to serve as businessmen, commentators, coaches, and other careers.
However, there are many sport icons who are not prepared for a life after professional sports and consequently engage in detrimental activity. For example, after O.J Simpson retired from football, he never engaged in a career that occupied his time after a short-lived career. As a result, Simpson seemed to take part in reckless activities and had multiple issues with the law. Athletes must value education and recognize that there is life after sports. Athletes such as Michael Jordan have utilized their abilities to venture off into successful post retirement careers. Jordan is now the CEO and chairman of the Jordan Brand while former Phoenix Suns guard, Kevin Johnson has enjoyed a career as the mayor of Sacramento.

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