Sunday, October 18, 2009

Singers Never Retire

Posted By Shawn Gao

Many people plan to make their retirement in their golden year; however; some of people may not want to retire. These people are singers who are enjoying making their music. Even though these people are making millions of money for one year, they don't even think how they will do after they retire. The most famous rap singer- Jay- Z announced that he would never retire. Also, some of singers, like Tom Jones, said no to retirement. Why are singers so different from residents? Why don't they want to have early retirement?
Singers like Tom Jones who are nearly 70 years old, are enjoying their musical journeys, and have no plans to make. Tom Jones said that the older he gets, he enjoys what he has done and what's happened through his career. Most of singers have the same ideas as Tom Jones has. When they get elder and elder, they want to keep making more music as they could. Also, they do not want to make their fans sad.
Some singers, like country singer Garth Brooks, has announced he is ending his semi- retirement and signed up for an extended run of dates in Las Vegas. Many singers retire in their middle career, and return to the platforms later on.
For those fans, they are lucky enough to follow their never ever retired singers.

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